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    Google Pay Refer Code (2020)

    google pay referral code


    google pay referral code 2019, google pay referral code enter, where to enter referral code in google pay, how to enter referral code in gpay, free Recharge tricks- Google Pay Referral Code "wT6y6 ". Apply this referral code in your Google Pay app and get ₹150 Instant cash in your Bank Account. In this post Today we will provide you guidance regarding how to enter referral code in google pay, where to enter referral code in google pay, how to enter referral code in pay, enter referral code in google pay.



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    Google Pay or GPay app size is very low and can work easily on any smartphone. It can be downloaded very easily on Android and iOS. You can download it from here. It was formally known as "Tez" but now its name has been changed to Google Pay and is used by almost every business or person in India and has taken off all UPI apps like PhonePe, Paytm, etc. 


    What is Google Pay refer and earn code offer?

    Referral Code

    Google Pay Referral Code


    Google pay refer and earn is an offer officially launched by Google in which you can earn money and get it directly into your bank account by referring your referral code to your friends or relatives or you can also enter referral code in your Google pay account for example wT6y6 you can use this code and get cashback and scratch cards on your transactions and bill payments 


    As you all know, Google Pay or Gpay is Today's Biggest UPI offer and provides UPI offers and Google Pay referral code offers which provides a huge amount of discount and instant cash. One of which is google pay referral code offer which is very famous. But many people get confused about where to enter this referral code. It is available in more than 10 languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and many more other languages

    google pay referral code 2020

    Other Amazing Features of Google Pay
    • Instant UPI money transfer 
    • Secure Transactions 
    • Cashback Offers
    • Festival cashback offers

    Google Pay Referral Code and How to enter google pay referral code?

    Google Pay referral code is wT6y6 By applying this code you can earn upto ₹1,00,000 rupees By following the below guide you can get to know where to how to use referral code in google pay how to use google pay referral code You can apply this code only 1 time once applied you cannot change your referral code

    What is google pay refer and earn offer?

    Google pay refer and earn offer is an offer which is officially launched by  google pay formerly it was known by the name TEZ In this offer google pays you when you refer google pay to someone The referral amount varies sometimes it is 180, 81 or 251 this is a very easy way to earn money by referring google pay app to your friends and encourage them to do digital transactions 

    Google Pay had launched its google pay referral code offer, especially in India. So today I am listing a guide about 
    • how to enter referral code in gpay
    • in google pay where to enter referral code
    • how to use invite code in google pay
    • google pay enter referral code
    • where to put google pay referral code
    Google pay referral code 2019

    So here is the guide,


    • Google Pay app on your phone if you do not have it you can download it from here 
    • Mobile number inserted in mobile linked with your bank account
    • Time to apply every step
    • Active Gmail Account

    Download Google Pay App Here

    Where to enter google pay referral code (Step by step guide)

    • First of all download Google Pay app from this link  and Install it on your Android or iOS smartphone
    • Register through your mobile number which is linked to your bank account
    where to put referral code in google pay
    Google Pay Registration 

    • Select your Google Account and log in
    • In the top right corner tap three dots and click on a referral
    • There you will see an option to enter Google Pay referral code
    • Enter wT6y6 there or any code which you have got
    • Send ₹1 or any amount to any of your friend or relatives or you can also help us by donating to [email protected]
    refer and earn google pay

    FaQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • How can I avail google pay referral code offer
              After following the above guide you can avail google pay referral code option
    • Where to put referral code in google pay?
               Follow the above guide you will get complete help
    • In how much time I can enter google pay referral code 2019?
               You can enter in 15 days from downloading the app
    • Is this offer genuine?
              This offer is 100% Genuine and is officially launched by Google itself

    Terms & Conditions for google pay referral code offer

    • In order to be eligible for this offer, you must link your bank account to google pay
    • You must signup in the app through a referral link or enter referral code which you have got if you don't have it you can enter wT6y6 as referral code
    • This offer is eligible for only time per user
    • After signup, the referral code must be entered in 15 days from the date of signup
    • You can other exciting offers also as a first time user

    Exciting Offers of google pay 

    Google Pay Refer And Earn Offer

    google pay referral code 2019
    Google Pay Referral Code

    Google pay has officially launched its refer and earn offer by which you can earn cash up to ₹1,00,000 by referring people to your friends or relatives. You can do it by sharing your referral link like this ( or by sending your google pay referral code like this (wT6y6 ) by which you can earn FREE cash just by sharing it to your knowledge. If you do not know how to enter referral code in google pay? then you can follow the above guide to know how to put referral code in google pay you will definitely get amazing results

    Send Money Pay Bills in Google Pay

    Google Pay for business
    Google Pay

    You can also earn great cashback and discount offers if you regularly use google pay for most of your digital transactions.  Google pay offers great cashback when you send money, pay bills or spend your money through Google Pay you can use it either to pay your mobile bills, DTH recharge, or send money to anyone for which you get cashback as scratch cards. You need to scratch these cards which present digitally in the rewards section of google pay homepage. You can use this which will really help you in reducing your monthly expenses

    Google Pay Jio Recharge Offer

    As you all know that Jio has become the top telecom operator in India Hence google pay has launched an offer in collaboration with Jio for a minimum amount of ₹149 You can get cashback up to ₹149 in your bank account which is a very great deal

    Google Pay Merchant Offers

    Google pay often launches its cashback offers in collaboration with its partner merchants. You can visit these merchants and pay them through google pay and get huge discounts on their products. Partner merchants like Ola Money, Reliance Mart, Uber and many more 

    How to link your bank account in Google pay?

    • First of all Open your Google pay app in your android or iOS phone
    • In the top left corner, you will see your Google Account profile pic or the first letter of your name. Click on that
    •  Click on Bank Accounts and click on the add bank account
    • Choose your bank account with which your mobile number is linked to and is present on your phone
    • It will automatically verify your bank account with the bank by sending verification SMS to them
    • Now, you will see a list of bank accounts linked to your mobile number
    •  Select the account which you want to use in your Google pay UPI
    • Now you have to create your 6- digit secret UPI pin which you must not share with anyone
    • If you already have an existing pin it will show your UPI ID & Bank Account

    Google Pay Transaction Limit

    Google pay has imposed a limit of transaction of rupees 1 lakh per person per day. It means that you can't transfer more than 1 Lakh rupees to any person from Google Pay. You cannot send more than ₹1,00,000 from your bank account to anyone

    How to send money from your Google Pay UPI to Pay Bills or pay someone?

    Google Pay
    Send Money Google Pay

    • Open your Google Pay app on your Android or iOS phone
    • Here, you will see the option of new with an icon of ₹ click on it you will see an option of the list 
    • If you want to pay a number which is on Google Pay you can select Mobile Number option and enter the mobile number of a person linked to google pay and pay him directly from your bank account
    • If you want to a bank account you can select the option of bank account and enter bank details of the person whom you want to pay
    • If you want to pay any of your bills like DTH Recharge, Merchant Offer or any prepaid bill you can pay directly through it and get exciting cashback in form of scratch cards

    Google Pay Business

    Where to enter referral code in google pay

    You can also use Google Pay for Business for your business transactions to attract more clients & customers to your agency or shop so that it would be easier for them to pay digitally without any cash and hassle-free process. It is a very good way to manage all your transactions and without any calculation

    Google Pay Login

    where to put google pay referral code
    Google Pay Login

    If you are a google pay user and want to restore your lost google pay account you can do it easily by downloading your google pay app again and enter your mobile number select your Google account with which your Google Pay account was linked without any problem and hassle-free process. 

    Safety Measures for Google Pay

    If you are a google pay user then you must follow below guidelines while using Google Pay
    • You must not share your 6 Digit UPI Pin with anyone 
    • Banks or Google pay itself will never call you and ask you for your 6 Digit UPI Pin or bank details
    • If anyone offers you to pay you and you receive notification for paying then you must not follow it all this fraud is in so many trends
    • If anyone sends your payment request and says that he is paying you should report that person or leave it at all


    At last, I would recommend you to use Google Pay It is a very good UPI (Unified Payments Interface) service you must use it for your business or personal use It is very secure and fast payment service. You should use it by following all the safety measures I have listed above. Also by using our referral code wT6y6, you can get great cashback and discounts on your transactions. Subscribe to our FeedBurner for more amazing content.

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