(UPDATED) PUBG Redeem Code Latest 2022 Free PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes 2020

PUBG Redeem Code

WORKING Redeem Codes for PUBG Mobile and Get Free UC 2020 

Are you searching  Working PUBG Redeem Codes to get all the luxury and legendary items in PUBG? Then you have reached the right destination. In this post you will get all the latest and working PUBG Mobile Redeem codes 2020 which further can be used to get amazing outfits, luxury items and legendary outfits . All of these codes are never used and provide amazing items to players. At last, we have also provided details on how to research latest codes which have never been used easily 

What you will get in this post

  • Guide for redemption center

  • Latest and Working PUBG Mobile redeem codes 

  • Telegram Channel for more codes

  • Giveaway of 8000 UC

  • PUBG Free UC Tricks

As you all know, PUBG Mobile has become one of the top FPS shooting online games and is favourite game of many players like mine. Its players crazily search for its redeem codes so that they can avail free uc and legendary gun skins and vehicle skins and much more with these redeem codes.

There are two ways in PUBG by which you can get free UC one is to buy them directly or to use royale pass. But to buy them they are very costly and in case of royale pass it's very difficult . Only few players can afford it’s high costs But there is still a way which you can use to get all the items for free which is the PUBG Redeem Codes  These codes are some characters which you have to enter in PUBG Redemption center and avail the items. Usually it is difficult to find the legit and never used codes but in this post we have presented it just for you all guys. 

Before getting these codes,you must know first that how and where to use these codes otherwise they will be of no use

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes - How to use them?

Recently, Tencent gaming the parent company of the game has launched a section on their official website of the game called as the Redemption Center. Any player whether noob or pro can visit this page and use the codes as per the instructions and guides below 

  • Visit the PUBG Redemption Center 

  • Enter all the required field therelike Character ID, Codes and Verification Captcha

  • Fill all the information correct and legit

  • If you don't know your character id then no need to get worried its very easy you can do it by tapping your profile icon 

  • You will see your character ID 

  • After entering all the information click on enter button and enjoy all the legendary outfits in PUBG and luxury items

You can check your received items by logging into your account and check the message section. This is the only method to redeem the codes other than this all methods are totally fake

PUBG Mobile New Redeem Codes 2020

PGHZDBTFZ95U - M416 Gun Skin (For 5000 Players Only) (LIMITED)

GPHZDBTFZM24U - Gun Skin for UMP9

KARZBZYTR - Sniper Gun Amazing Kar98 Skin 

R89FPLM9S - Sweet Companion

TQIZBz76F - 3 Motorcycle for Free

TQIZBZ76F - Motorcycle Skin for everyone

(UPDATED) List of PUBG Mobile Season 13 Redeem Codes 2020

Redeem Codes



New Gun Skin For M416


Brand New Golden Pan Code


Amazing Legendary outfits


New Vehicle Skin


Code for a Free Falcon


Fireworks for Free Code

Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile Redeem Code (2020)

UC is the most precious currency in the game and with it you can get everything in the game. But their costs are very much high and are not affordable by all the players so below is the code for all those game lovers and players, We update these timely and try to get firstly for you all to get Free UC PUBG. This code is totally genuine

Free UC for PUBG Code 2020 - PANDA

You can get the UC of any amount for example, 1000, 2000, 800, or even 9000

Guide to avail UC Redeem Code

Below is the guide to avail the above secret code this is a very easy process

  • First visit the official redemption center of Player Unknown’s BattleGround

  • Note down your character ID from PUBG Mobile or copy it on clipboard

  • Enter the character ID and enter the PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

  • Enjoy, your rewards 

  • You can check these by checking out your message section in the game itself

UMP 9 Skin PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Free 

As you all know,UMP 9 is a special gun which looks amazing when it gets a cool skin. Personally, my favorite is UMP9 and every time I try to get it. It is very useful to get faster and enjoy victory. It works very nice while giving a headshot to the enemy .So we have fulfilled many players' requests by presenting this code for you all. This works mostly for the orange skin. The color can vary. 


  • Go To The redemption center and enter all details as instructed above

  • Enter the above to get the reward

  • Check your messenger section

  • Enjoy, the gun and win over your enemy

You can use this code only once per player

Canon Popularity Redeem Code 2020

You all are familiar with the game. You must also be knowing about the Canon Popularity. It can help us in many ways without money. Below is the code for that. It's not easy to find these codes. That's very difficult. So please support us by joining our telegram channel


Instructions are the same as above, just change the code with the code above. This is the latest code and is new in the market. You don't need to search anywhere else just visit our website regularly or Join our Telegram Group for regular notifications.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code for Rename Card 

You all know, Name is also an important thing in the game and your name needs to be looking tricky, cool, or scary as it makes some fear or makes your value great in front of other players. Many players sometimes enter their name wrong or want to change it so below is the code for that. We have searched it on the internet and brought it for you. 

Code - 29SKSI92SK

Same instructions you have to follow as above just change the code with the fresh code  as above

What is the Redemption Center?

You all know PUBG which is a product of Tencent Gaming has become one of the top played and most addictive games by our users specially in India. Its popularity and downloads have overgrown in this recent lockdown. Many users don't have money to purchase UC and other gift items in the game. 

For those players, the company has launched a section called redemption center where users have to enter some codes and get awards in return. For example golden skin for pan or M416 Golden Skin But it is hard to get these codes so below is one another trick to find redeem code for PUBG 

How to find the latest PUBG Redeem Code 2020?

You know it is hard to find these codes but we have one another solution for that which is PUBG releases these codes very often or occasionally but they don't launch it directly on news channels or send it to every player. They launch directly on their social media handles like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Page. Like we have attached the screenshots below

PUBG Redeem Code

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code 2020

Final words on PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

Guys, that's all for now these were the latest codes all of the above are genuine and we have researched it ourselves. PUBG is I would say the best battle royale game where you can use Royale Pass and Free UC in PUBG. You get the real battle and guns experience in this game. It includes such amazing acts like Kill, Head Shots, Loot, Hide, Scopes and what not. You meet new people and strangers here in this game.It provides  a thrilling experience to their users. 

All of these codes are working and may be they have expired due to some reasons you can also join our telegram group for daily codes.

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