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     Looking for Genuine Methods to Earn Free Paytm Cash

    Today I am gonna provide you the genuine ways to earn genuine Paytm cash using some daily short period of work only on your smartphone which is interesting as well as highly paid work too!

    The method about which I am going to talk about in this post is all about Survey Earning Websites which is the craziest way to earn by answering just some simple questions related to various companies & products. 

    When you search this topic on Google you will get thousands of results for this question. But, as you explore them you’ll get to know that none of them are good platforms. Either of them will be late paying or will be a low paid same case in every webpage you open. 

    But, here in this post, you will get the list of genuine sites researched by me with all genuine Payment Proofs!.

    As an Internet user, you’ll come across different methods of earning online. But, they are either too slow or too complex.

    So come on, Let’s talk about “how to earn from online survey sites

    How to earn from Online Survey Sites?

    If you are an internet user you may come across a lot of products and brands daily on Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram as ads or products. 

    That’s where the survey sites come in. It is one of the best methods by which brands come to know what people and consumers think about their products? Do they like it? Is there any need for improvements? 

    For knowing this, they pay a lot of money for their opinions through surveys. As their opinions will influence or affect their brand so this task is mainly handed over to other companies about which I am gonna talk about later in this post. 

    It is the most widely used method by companies to improve their products & services. 

    These kinds of survey sites are best for students who want to earn Rs. 4500+ every month for their monthly expenses. 

    Now, you know what survey sites are!

    Without any further delay, let’s dive into the topic “How to earn from Survey Sites?”

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    How to earn from Paid Online Surveys?

    Giving opinions & responding to a survey is a very good option to earn free Paytm cash.

    You need to fill in some details of yours like Name, City, Gender, Occupation, etc. to verify your identity. 

    You may not be asked for it every time but in most cases, you will be asked for it. 

    There are various websites or apps that can be used to earn money but the best website & which I tested is Toluna. It is one of the best apps to earn Paytm cash by giving your genuine opinions. 

    In this post, You’ll be getting its whole guide from beginning to end! Also, I have listed some of my personal tips & tricks to get surveys daily & earn a good amount from them!

    Let’s start first by registering on this website!

    Valued Opinions Survey | Free Amazon/Flipkart Redeem Voucher | Loot Offer

    Registration Link

    1. First of all, Go to the Registration Page through the above button

    2. A Page will open like this

    Fill in all your basic details 

    • Name - Must be real

    • Gender - Select Female Only to get good surveys

    • Date of Birth

    • Postal Code - Fill Pin code of your Area

    • Email - Enter correct email for verification

    • Password - Must be Strong

    • Click on the box to agree to terms & conditions

    3. Bravo! Your first-ever survey has been completed now we need to complete our profile to get more surveys 

    Note: This is a common registration process that you will see almost in every survey site.

    What to do after Registration?

    Now, you have completed your registration & you need to complete your profile on this website so that the surveys meeting your criteria can be sent to you on a daily basis over the Email or on App. 

    • Login in to your Profile

    • Here, you will see an option to complete your profile.

    • You will need to enter your full details related to your interest & give genuine answers

    • After completion of profile, your profile will look like in the below picture

    •  Now, all the steps have been completed!

    • You’ll now receive daily two to three surveys initially either through email or you need to check your profile on a regular basis to check for surveys! 

    As you can see in the picture below there are surveys which I have received on my profile. 

    • For each Valued Opinion Survey, you complete you will be paid Rs. 50 - Rs 150 for Each Survey

    You may be wondering why are we paid for this? As I told you before companies want to improve their products and services that’s why they choose these companies to collect opinions for different kinds of users for their opinions

    There are many other companies also like The Toluna, The Panel Station, Mobrog, Survey Router, etc.

    Reviews about Valued Opinion Survey?

    Every time, when working on a new website you may wonder, Is that real? Do they really pay?

    The same happened with me but we present the websites to you only if they are genuine. So let me tell you my opinion this website is genuine & I have received many payments from them.

    Why should you work on Survey Sites?

    This question may light up in your brain once you register & fill your profile!

    Why should you work on these sites? The Answer is clear & simple these websites are genuine & these kind of work are hassle-free as compared to other works like Click to Earn or Refer & Earn

    This is one of the easiest & simple ways to earn by just giving your opinions on various products. 

    In starting days, you might face difficulty in doing this but it will later become habitual for you!

    Survey sites are the best method to earn Amazon Voucher, Flipkart Voucher, or any Shopping Voucher


    • What is the Valued Opinion Survey?

    Ans. Valued Opinion Survey is an online survey site that is one of the best & highest paid survey sites which ranks top among all of the survey sites. It was started in 2004 and has been providing quality & genuine service to its users since then.

    • How much amount is the users paid per survey?

    Ans. The amount may vary per survey but the users can earn a minimum amount of Rs. 50 - Rs. 60 per survey which may go up to Rs. 150 Per Survey

    • How do we withdraw our payment?

    Ans. Users can withdraw their payment from their account as Amazon or Flipkart vouchers which further can be used to purchase goods at a highly discounted rate or can be withdrawn to the bank account

    Wrapping Up

    This was all about Valued Opinion Survey. Let me know in the comments if you liked it. Their pay rates vary from time to time per survey.

    Also, The data you share with them is totally confidential and only shared with the companies for market research and opinion purposes. 

    This is the best method for pocket money & monthly expenses, especially for Students. 

    If you still have any questions? 

    Then you can join our community by clicking the buttons below!

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