Top 6 Methods to get 60 GB 4G Airtel Free Internet | Airtel Free Data Working Miss Call Trick

     Airtel Free Data Loot! Get 25 GB 4G Airtel Free Internet Offer

    Hey Guys, Are you looking for Airtel Free Internet for your Airtel 3G/4G Sim? If Yes, then you have landed at the right place! Here in this post, I am gonna tell you some of the legal & genuine methods to get Airtel Free Data easily on your sim. 

    Like you guys, Airtel is one of the top operators in India as per Ookla & when it comes to getting free internet in Airtel. Then, Everybody would love it & no one would like to miss it! 

    Airtel has a massive user base of millions of users across the whole of India. In this post, I’ll reveal & share your Top 5 Five Methods to get Free Internet for Airtel so-called, Free Recharge Tricks & Offers. So Let’s Dive fast into the topic “How to get Airtel Free Data?

    How to get Airtel Free Data (Verified) by Miss Call?

    Recently, Due to the Pandemic, Many Telecom operators have come up with a lot of Recharge Tricks & Offers. It means that you can have recharged at a much-discounted price while doing it through an online wallet. 

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    Hence, we have got some of the amazing tricks & methods to get these recharges. Although these all are user-specific, you should try this wonderful opportunity once. You may be one of the lucky users.

    So Below are all 9 Methods, I would recommend trying each of them and Yes, Don’t forget to comment on the method which worked for you!

    1. Airtel Free 10 GB Data Miss Call Method

    • The First & the Starter step is to Open the Dial Pad of your Smartphone

    (Make sure that your phone is a 4G Handset and a working Airtel sim is inserted in it)

    • Next, You need to enter a USSD code. Don’t worry your balance wouldn't be deducted


    • It will ring for a few seconds then will get hanged up automatically

    •  Our Process is Complete now, if you would be a lucky user then you will get either 5 GB or 10 GB Free Data Pack for 28 Days

    Note: This is a Totally Legal Method which is researched from various sources and revealed from airtel offer messages. 

    • This offer is user-specific

    • If you get the data it will be valid for 28 Days

    • This offer is offered by Airtel and it has all rights to cancel this offer at any time for any reason

    • This offer is valid for one time per user

    • This offer may work only on 4G Enabled Smartphones

    1. Airtel Free 30 GB Data 100% WORKING Method

    This offer is known as the Airtel VoLTE Beta Program in which you can get a straight 30 GB of Data for your 4G Airtel Sim.

    But, there are some conditions that need to be met for this exclusive offer. These conditions are very much essential to avail of this offer.

    The conditions are:-

    • You must have Airtel 4G Sim for this offer

    • Your Handset or SmartPhone must be 4G + VoLTE (This one is the most essential condition to become eligible for this offer)

    • You must have an active unlimited or all-rounder pack on your sim

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    If you have passed all these conditions! Then you are Good to Go!

    Follow these below steps now:-

    • The first step is to visit this webpage. Visit there by clicking the below button:-

    Click here to Visit the Web Page

    • Now you need to enter your phone number here

    • Now you need to enter OTP that you have received on your Airtel Number

    • Now you will get three options now you need to tick the option My calling experience has improved” & Press the Submit button

    Now, if you are one of those lucky customers you can get a chance to win 30 GB Free Airtel Data 4G. In most cases, users win this data offer.

    You can use this method at different times you can win it on alternate chances. 

    You also must the above conditions to be eligible and win this offer.

    1. Airtel Free Data || 10 GB 4G Data 

    This offer by Airtel is only available for Prepaid users You can use it to surf websites, watch, download & listen to movies & songs. 

    You just need to dial a USSD code on your mobile as before. Also, this offer is user-specific like the first one.


    • Open your Phone’s Dial Pad

    • Enter the above code 

    • Wait for a few seconds & it will automatically hang up

    • If you are lucky, then you will definitely get 10 GB of Free Data

    1. Airtel Free Internet || 5 GB FREE 4G Data

    By using this offer, you can get 5 GB of data for Free. You just have to download the Airtel Official app from Play Store. 

    For more clearance, follow the below guide:

    • Go to Play Store & Search for Airtel Thanks app in the search bar

    • Download the Airtel Thanks app 

    • Register with your Airtel mobile number in the App

    • Now, if you are a lucky user then you will see a small ad or banner at the top for a free offer of 5 GB or 10 GB.

    • After Pressing on it, you will need to fill in some important details for the offer

    Trick: If you are a new user then your chances of receiving the free data offer increases 

    This offer mostly works for new users as a welcome offer. It is not guaranteed that you will receive 5 GB or 10 GB. You may also receive 1 GB or 500 MB of Data



    1. Airtel Postpaid Free 6 GB Data

    All of the above offers are valid only for Prepaid users. 



    We also have offers for Postpaid users. Though there are fewer offers which are available to postpaid users. 


    Still, we have found some of the best & working offers on your demands for all of the Airtel Postpaid users.

     You need to follow a guide to avail of these offers & enjoy free internet on your Airtel Sim. 

    • Open the Messaging app of your Phone

    • Compose a new message and enter 121 as the recipient 

    • Type “SURPRISE” in the message

    • Press the Send Button

    • If you are a lucky user then you will receive a congratulations message instantly on your number

    By chance, if you may not be eligible then you will receive a message that you are not eligible for the offer

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    This offer is only for Postpaid users & user-specific too!

    1. Airtel Free 1 GB 4G Internet

    This is the second last method & the same as the 4th one. 

    Just follow the below guide:

    • Download Airtel Xstream from Play Store

    • Register & Login with your Airtel Mobile Number

    • You also need to verify your mobile number with a verification code

    • You will get 1 GB of Data immediately on your number

    Now, you can enjoy this 1 GB of Data!

    It comes among the best Free Recharge Tricks & Offers to get Airtel Free Internet!

    Airtel Free Data VPN Trick - Reality?

    You will find a lot of other tricks & methods on the Internet including the VPN Trick. 


    Let me share its reality. I & my friends have tested this method a lot of times & with this, I concluded that it is totally a fake trick.

    You will find this trick everywhere with guides & proofs but they all are just a tactic to gain fake views.  

    FaQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Are all the tricks listed above working?

    Ans. Yes, all of the above tricks are working but some of them might not work because many of them are user-specific and may depend on your luck.

    • Do Proxy & VPN Tricks really work?

    Ans. No, they do not work at all. They are just a trick to trap users and gain thousands of views.

    • How to avail of the Airtel free data?

    Ans. I have listed all the methods & a well-explained guide to avail free data in Airtel. You need to use all the methods step by step to avail full benefit of Free Data in Airtel.

    • How to check if I have received data or not?

    Ans. There are mainly two ways by which you can check if you have availed of the free offer or not.

    The first one is:

    In every offer, if you avail of the offer you will get a message on your sim that you have got the offer.

    The second one is:

    You can check your data balance by dialing *121# on your phone and you will get the details of your balance. It is a USSD code by Airtel for its users to check their balance of both voice & data.

    If you still have some questions, join our Telegram Channel.


    These were all the best tricks, legit & genuine methods to avail Airtel Free Data. All of the methods were legit & doesn’t involve any kind of illegal tactic or trick.

    These all were the offers by Airtel. You just need to do the steps carefully and as per the guide mentioned above. Also, I revealed the truth about the VPN & Proxy Trick of Airtel.  

    We list these genuine methods regularly on our blog. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for regular updates.

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