[Maha Loot] YouGov Survey - Complete survey and get Rs. 3600 Instant Free Paytm Cash (with Proof)

    YouGov Survey Loot - Free PayTM Cash Tricks | Earn Rs. 3600 Instant PayTM Cash

    Free PayTM Cash Loot

    Free Paytm Cash Tricks, Free Paytm Cash - Hey Guys, Are you looking for genuine Earn Paytm Cash Online Websites? For your small expenses and earn monthly Rs. 8000 straight into your Paytm wallet by just participating in surveys and spend a little time giving your opinions

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    In this post, I have listed the best & highest paying Paytm Loot Offer to earn unlimited Paytm cash which can further be used for Bill Payments, Online Recharges & Insurance payment.  

    Paytm wallet has always been an amazing Online Payments application ever since because of its fast & reliable payment system & cashback offers. Taking its advantage, many applications & websites are utilizing it to give free cash to their users which is also a big contribution to the Digital India initiative of our country.

    I am having 5 Years of experience in Free Recharge Tricks, Free PayTM Cash, and Loot Deals & the websites which I list are legit & genuine on this blog as per my experience only!

    You will get to see a lot of results for Free Paytm Cash along with my website. Most of the websites which you’ll see will include refer & earn or registration apps which are either low-paid or very much hard to do. 

    But, in today’s article, I’ll introduce you to a website which pays you just for giving your personal opinions about various brands & companies (mostly shopping).

    What? Is that it?

    Yes, you heard me right! You’ll be paid for your opinions regarding a particular brand or company

    These websites are called Market Research website which researches and take opinions about various brands 

    We recently shared the two best survey companies with you which were The Panel Station & The Valued Opinions. 

    The website which I am gonna talk about is YouGov. In YouGov, you instantly get 50 points for registration on their website.

    Also, you will earn 200 points if you refer this website to them.

    Note: Minimum 6 Referrals are required for the above offer

    Here 5000 Points - Rs. 3,600 Paytm Cash. It may look difficult to complete 5000 points but you can complete it very easily through the weekly surveys where each survey makes your earn a good amount and takes an average time of 3 to 4 minutes to complete

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    You can withdraw your points straight to your Paytm account instantly.

    Let’s dive straight into How to earn Rs. 5000 Paytm cash with YouGov?

    How to Earn Rs. 5000 Paytm Cash with YouGov Survey (Full Steps)

    Now we have discussed everything about the YouGov survey including, Payment, Surveys. Now, let’s start by registering on the website. Follow the below steps to get registered. 

    • The first step is to visit the site using the below button

    Join Here

    • Register with all your details 

    • For fast registration, Register with your Facebook Account

    • You then need to verify your email by YouGov 

    • You can now login with your account and you need to complete a short survey at the initial level to earn 50 points

    Now, our account creation step is done! Now you need to complete each & every survey that you receive on your mail by YouGov. 

    How to complete 5000 Points easily in the YouGov survey (Golden Tip)

    There’s no hard & fast rule for completing 5000 points. It’s not such a difficult task. You can complete it very easily. You don’t need to do anything to complete it.

    Just Sit Relaxed! You’ll receive a survey every month straight into your Mailbox.

    You’ll receive a survey every week or maybe every day. Just Open it, Fill & Complete it.

    Follow this process for 1 Month or a maximum of 45 Days. That’s it!

    After that, you can withdraw them directly to your Paytm Wallet.

    Using this way, you can earn more than Rs. 4000 every month.


    It’s not yet Completed! There is one other way to earn from this website.

    But What’s That?

    Let’s look into that

    YouGov Survey Refer & Earn Offer (Bonus)

    The earning methods not end here. You can also earn by referring YouGov to your friends with your customized referral link. You just need to share that referral link with your friends or on platforms where you have a good amount of audiences like in Facebook Groups, Telegram Channels, or WhatsApp groups.

    You will earn 200 points per person you refer and he gets registered with your referral link. 

    If you don’t know how to get your referral link then follow the below steps:-

    • Log in to your YouGov survey account

    • Tap Dashboard section 

    • Press on Rewards Tab

    • After scrolling the page, you will need to copy it 

    After getting the link, you just need to share it with your friends on various social media platforms


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    We have also got some of the frequently asked questions for this website which may even click in your mind also while registering on this website whether this site is legit or not or isn’t it a scam? What are the payment modes?.

    Let’s cover it all now!

    • Why YouGov only?

    Ans. YouGov is among the trusted websites for surveys and is also highly paid. There are many other websites too! But this is an America based company on which you can work and do multitasking on other websites also for large income 

    • Is YouGov legit?

    Ans. Of course, it is legit & genuine. The sites which we bring to you are definitely genuine, tested & WORKING

    • How do I get the payments?

    Ans. You can use the points as a gift card or you can also redeem them as Paytm cash.

    • Where are the payment proofs for YouGov?

    Ans. It is in this post at the last.

    You can use this site to get a decent amount of earnings and Free Paytm Cash.

    I am using this website for the last 2 years and I can say that it is best to Earn Paytm Cash Online Websites. 

    YouGov Survey Payment Proofs

    When working on a new site, a desire for Payment proof always comes in our mind for trust or to make sure that this website is legitimate or not. That’s why I had put this question in FaQs also.

    So here’s the proof:-

    Wrap Up

    As a survey panelist, you can earn a good amount of money from various sites like as We have seen on this website. If you work on this website and collect daily points they can be later on used to get greater rewards like Rs. 3600 for 5000 Points.

    Along with this website, you can work on various other websites that I posted about on this blog like The Panel Station, The Toluna, or The Valued Opinions. If you use these all altogether then you can earn a very good monthly income.  I also showed you the payment proofs which is totally real and which I received in my Paytm. 

    I recommend using each and every method whether it is the Survey loot or Refer & Earn all methods are highly paid & beneficial.

    This was for Free PayTM Cash.

    With ❤️ by Master Tricks

    Disclaimer - The logos & information credits goes to their respective owners. 

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