Google Task Mate Invitation Code | Earn money by Completing Short Tasks

Google Task Mate - Invitation Code

Google Task Mate Referral Code, TaskMate Invitation Code, Google Task Mate - Hi Guys, We are back again with one another Fantastic app which is Google Task Mate. I hope you all are taking full benefits of our Free Paytm Cash & Free Recharge Tricks posts. 

Today in this post, you will get all the details about the Task Mate app, all about its working & payments and all.

So Let’s Start!

Google Task Mate is a task-based earning which has been recently announced by Google. Though it is still under development mode it is still available to users as a Beta version. 

You need to complete some short & simple tasks in return to which you will be rewarded with money in your local cash whether it is Rupee, Dollar, or anything. 

It was already available to the users of the USA & Europe but it launched recently for India not completely, but Yes for testing it is available on Play Store. 

You need to complete the tasks like:-

  • Take a photo of a Store Front

  • Answer a survey 

  • Record Sentences

  • Transcribe a Text

And a variety of different & interesting tasks. 

It is available but you cannot use it without any referral code. 

Ways to Make Money in Google Task Mate

As we discussed above you have to complete some exciting tasks after which the amount will be credited to your Task Mate account. From there, you can directly transfer it to your Bank Account. It is very simple & pays a good amount of money per task. 

How to Start?

Currently, it is available to limited users like Google Employees or some selected persons. 

Invitation Code Limit - Google has set a limit of limitation code up to 3 People means one invitation code can be used by a maximum of 3 people after which it will not work.  

You can work in the app and register only if you have the invitation code

Only some limited persons have the invitation code which they are giving their invitation code as soon as we get those invitation codes. We’ll update it on our Telegram Channel or on this Blog.

That’s the only way by which you can get started and work in the app.

As soon as you get the Google Task Mate Invitation Code you will be able to start working in this app.


Task Mate App Link

  • Download the App from the above link

  • Open it and select your Google Account

  • Enter the Invitation Code Hit Enter

  • You need to agree to terms & conditions in order to proceed next

  • If your referral code will be correct, then you can proceed to the next steps otherwise you need to wait for its referral code or wait for its full launch

Payment & Withdrawals 


You can withdraw the payment directly to your bank. Just after you earn the minimum amount visit your profile page and press the cash-out button you’ll need to enter your details to withdraw the money.

Till then, Stay Tuned with our Telegram Channel & on our Blog.