(100% WORKING) Delete Paytm Account Permanently Easily! Full Guide [2022]


    Delete Paytm Account Permanently - Hi Guys, Are you looking for a proper guide to Delete your Paytm Account? If Yes, then you have reached a very right place

    In this post, you will get the full step by step proper guide to delete your Paytm account.  Just read this post to the end and follow the guide.

    Paytm is one of the top online payments, UPI, shopping & e-commerce apps in India. It has various beneficial facilities like Recharge, Bill Payments, Ticket booking, and much more. 

    They also provide the best offers & cashback to their users on their various services of booking & payments. It is also a big contribution to the digital & cashless India’s vision.

    It always ranks at the top among other payment apps in India. Some people want to delete their Paytm account due to the KYC issues either they aren’t getting it completed or some other reasons or they lost their device and want to prevent misuse of their account. 

    Now the question is How to delete the Paytm Account Permanently?

    But, You cannot delete it until or unless you provide a real & valid reason. There is no specific or certain option in Paytm for this task but it doesn’t mean that it ends there are some methods to delete the Paytm account permanently and get completely rid of it. They are some indirect methods that would definitely work.

    We will discuss a total of 5 Methods you can use for anyone.

    Just follow the below guide to get complete details on it.

    Method 1: Delete Paytm Account By Contacting Paytm Chat Support

    In this method, we will contact Paytm 24*7 Support Time through the Paytm App and ask them to delete the Paytm account manually by them. 

    You need to go through some simple steps, submit documents and make a confirmation to delete the account. 

    You can use this method on any version of the Paytm app because some versions of the app don’t have the option to delete the account whereas some have.

    Note: You must have at least Rs. 1 as your Paytm balance to apply this method

    • Open your Paytm App

    • Click on the Dashboard in the right corner

    • Here, you will see an option for 24*7 Support Press that button

    • There you will see the option to delete your Paytm Account Permanently

    • Then Press on the Message Us button & Enter the reason to close your Paytm account

    • Submit all your correct documents for the closure of the account

    • In the next 48 hours, you will get a confirmation link on your Mobile through SMS on your registered mobile number

    This is the first method by which you can delete your Paytm account easily through some simple steps.

    Method 2: Change your Registered Mobile Number to Delete the old account

    So, Guys, this is not a complete solution but Yes by changing your registered number on your Paytm Account! 

    By this solution, Rather than deleting the whole account you can delete the account linked to your old number and get its facilities and KYC over a new number for your Paytm Account. 

    You must have your Old number & the New number for confirmation of the old account and the addition of the new one.

    Follow the below steps for the above method:

    • Log in to your Paytm account

    • Visit the Profile Section from the Home Interface

    • Now, Scroll down & Press on Edit Profile

    • Change your Phone number which is registered to any other Phone Number

    Note: The New number which you enter for your account must not be already registered to another Paytm Account

    • The next step is to, complete the verification that is you will receive an OTP on your old number for confirmation  which you need to enter and confirm that it's really you who is changing the number

    • Done! The account which was linked to your old number has been deleted 

    • In the future, if you want to create a new account with that number then you can do it

    Your KYC will remain as it is with your new number!

    Method 3: Temporarily Disable Paytm Account 

    You can use this method temporarily! This method can be helpful for those users who have lost their phone or their mobile phones have been stolen. They want to protect their account from being misused or their Paytm balance being stolen or anything for security measures!

    Later if you feel to activate again then you can activate easily from your Paytm account by logging into it again!

    You can follow the below steps to use the above method.

    • First of all, log in to your Paytm Account

    • Visit your Profile section and click on the 24*7 Help Option 

    • There you will see an option to Manage your Paytm Account

    • Click on the same option, Now you will see a lot of options for various reasons 

    • Press on the one which says I have lost my Phone as you can see in the below picture

    • After that click on I am unable to Access my Account & I need to block my account

    • Now, it will ask you for some  details to confirm your ownership 

    • Submit the same request after 48 hours you will receive a confirmation message 

    • Now your Paytm account is disabled temporarily

    Method 4: Delete Paytm Account Permanently by Contacting the Support team

    In this method, we are gonna contact Paytm support manually through Email and ask them to close our account. This is very simple, you just need to follow some steps to email them.


    • The first step is to log in to your email account which is registered on your Paytm account

    • Compose a new mail to [email protected] with the subject Deactivation of my Paytm account

    • Now enter the details and reason for the deactivation of your Paytm account. 

    • You also need to attach your verification documents like aadhar card & PAN card.

    • You also need to add your relevant details like Address, Full Name, Phone Number, and upload your photo for authenticity.

    Like below is a sample 

    To: [email protected]

    Subject: Deactivation of my Account


    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to deactivate my Paytm account as I am having some problems or my mobile phone has been lost or I don’t want it anymore. Kindly disable my account I have also attached my verification documents by which you can verify that it's my account. My number which is linked to Paytm is 99999999. 


    You don’t need to copy it as it is. It’s just for a sample you can write on your own also.

    This is a straightforward method that you can use, and your Paytm account will be deleted. 

    Method 5: Delete Paytm Account in old Paytm App

    For the old version of the Paytm app, it's a very easy process. Though Paytm has removed this option in the new Paytm still the app is available on some unofficial sources which are legit. You need to go through the following steps. 

    • Open your Paytm Dashboard 

    • Navigate to the Profile section and then to Contact us

    • Click on the other option and write Delete my Paytm Account

    • Write any valid or relevant reason for deletion like below:-

    Hello Sir, I have lost my mobile and I don’t want to continue using the Paytm app anymore. Kindly delete it as soon as possible Thanks

    This way you can delete your account in the old Paytm app.

    Method 5: Call Paytm Customer Care

    There is one last and simple method by which you can delete your Paytm account that is that you can call Paytm directly and ask them to delete your account. You can contact them on the following number:

    0120 3888 388

    You need to open a ticket for this purpose for which they will resolve it next 48 hours.


    So these were all the 6 methods by which you can delete your Paytm account permanently very easily by using any of the above steps. I have listed the best guide which you can rely on. I would recommend using all the methods anyone would definitely all be tested and working. Till then Enjoy!

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