[WORKING] How to Make Money from Telegram Channel {2022} | Earn upto Rs. 50,000/Month

     How to Earn Money from Telegram Channel {2021} Top 3 Methods

    How to Earn Money From Telegram

    Are you looking for some simple ways to earn online money just by doing little work for 20-30 minutes a day? 

    If Yes, Damn! You are at the right place!

    Do you know you can earn even real money with Telegram? You can make more than Rs. 20,000 every month from Telegram just by using some easy methods.

    Telegram is a wonderful messaging app with over 500 Million active users & over 15 billion messages are transferred daily through Telegram which is a very huge number.

    Telegram has been my favorite messaging app and is using it since 2016. There are numerous ways to earn money from Telegram just you need some basic knowledge and its usage and working. I have been making money from Telegram since 2018 and have made over 35000 Per Month by running multiple channels. 

    It is NOT a quick rich scheme but if you work consistently and correctly you will definitely get big success in this. Today,  In this post I am going to discuss some methods which are trial & tested by me and which I am using to make money every month from this app. 

    Not only this I am also going to provide you examples for every method which will help you a lot in your online earning journey.

    Without wasting much time. Let’s dive straight into the Top 3 Ways to Earn Money from Telegram Channel

    How to Earn Money from Telegram Channel in 2021

    The very first step is to Join the Telegram. If you haven’t joined it till now then join it right now apart from earning money it has many more amazing features. 

    The next step is to create a Telegram Channel which is very easy & can be completed in a few steps. First, you need to select a topic for your channel as per my experience you must select topics that are trending on social media such as IPL these days.

    In this niche, you can share your predictions or tell about fantasy apps. You need to make your channel public means searchable on TELEGRAM so that people can search it and you can have more members.

    You can create multiple channels on Telegram.

    You can create a channel using below steps:

    • First, Open the Telegram App

    • Click on Pencil Icon on Bottom Left

    • Press Create New Channel

    • Give your channel a kickass name and description & if possible then a logo also

    So Let’s discuss the all the methods which can be used to monetize your Telegram Channel

    1. Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money not only through Telegram but on every platform where you have a well-engaged audience whether it is Instagram, Blog, or YouTube Channel.  

    Numerous Telegram users are unaware of this method. In this method, you just need to share a product link in the channel and you will get the commission from the product company if someone buys up that product from your link.

    There are lots of companies that have Affiliate Programs such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart but the most popular is EarnKaro which is very much easy to use and you can download it from the Play Store. Choose any product and share it on your channel. 

    This is one of the prime & easiest methods which almost all the Telegram Channel Owners imply to earn money there is no limit you can earn the more you work the more you earn. You can share multiple links in one day but it is recommended to share in a limited amount and not in large amounts to prevent Spam.

    You can create multiple channels and work on them.


    Let’s move to the second method

    1. Sponsorship:

    Sponsorship is also a great way to Earn Money with Telegram. When your Telegram Channel grows into a large audience base like 10k or 20k members. Then Brands or Companies contact you for the promotion of their post, channel, website on your channel for which they pay a decent amount of money to the channel owner.  

    For small channels, there are only a few opportunities but still, you can earn up to Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000 for channels having 2k members to 7k members.

    Mostly the promotion is related to apps & websites. 

    1. Promotion of Other Channels

    In my opinion, I would place it in the first position as this is one of the easiest and least time If your channel grows on to a larger member base such as 20k -30k other telegram channel beginners or small channel owners will contact you for their channel promotion. 

    You just need to post a single post of theirs or post their channel link. That’s it this is the simplest way you can earn from a large telegram channel. And if the channel owner is impressed with your work or he gets members from your channel they will definitely ask you to work for them again.

    You guys must be thinking that I have not included topics like URL Shortening or App Refer & Earn because as per my experience they are useless and just a time waste. I have included genuine ways to help you guys.

    Low Members on Telegram Channel! - SOLUTION!!!

    If you are facing problems with low members in your channel then here’s the solution. Many people complain that they face the problem of low members on their channel. In the same post, I am going to provide you the same solution for How to increase Telegram Channel members or How to increase subscribers in Telegram? 

    The solution is that you need to create a channel on topics that are trending on social media like these days IPL, Fantasy Crickets is on fire on social media these days. 

    If you create channels and post about these things on your channel then your channel probably will be more visible to users who search for those topics. 

    Time to Act Now:

    That’s the time to act now guys. This was my article on How to Earn Money From Telegram?  . I have told you all the ways to earn from Telegram and the methods which I have discussed are all correct & have told you according to my experience. You can start it just RIGHT NOW! Without any investment and in simple steps. If this article helped you then share this post with your friends and with others to help them!

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