ThopTV Server Error. 100% SOLUTION! Will ThopTv ever Return?

     [Verified] ThopTV Server Solution 100% WORKING! 

    Thoptv Server Error Solution

    Hey Guys, A lot of ThopTV Users are getting error messages such as ThopTV Server error, Unable to Connect to Server when they are trying to use the ThopTV App Latest Version. Those who are unaware of this are searching online for the latest apk thinking that they are using the old version.

    If you are also facing the same problems and getting the same error messages then your search ends here. In this article, I am gonna give you some latest & big updates regarding ThopTV.

    As you all know Apps like ThopTV such as Oreo TV and others are illegal and spread Pirated Content of the OTT Platforms which breaks the laws.  It's not just about the ThopTV there are a lot of apps like that out on the Internet. 

    ThopTV: What is it?

    ThopTV was a free Live TV Streaming app that also provided paid content for FREE which was totally illegal on all the devices. It was providing all the pirated content for FREE which was breaking the rule of the OTT Platforms of which all the Platforms were annoyed. So Cyber Police was after the owner of this app for a long time. 

    Why is ThopTV not working anymore?

    As it provided paid content for free it had a high number of users pressuring the server thus making it too slow due to which it was also under maintenance most of the time & now users are complaining about a problem in the app about Server Error which was continuous from last few weeks.

    So for those users, there is bad news that ThopTV will not work anymore now. As we all know it was illegal so the owner of ThopTV Satish Venkateshwarlu was arrested from his Residence in Hyderabad by Mumbai Cyber Cell.

    Due to this all of the ThopTV Servers are now taken by the Maharashtra Cyber Crime Police. The owner was aged between 28 to 29 as per the reports the mastermind behind ThopTV. 

    The reason is the same: they were spreading all the pirated content all over the world. 

    All the OTT  platforms reported this as their audience was decreasing and voiding all the OTT Platform rules.

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    Will ThopTV ever return to India?

    For now, it will never return to India. As it's illegal. There are many rumors that it is working with VPN but they are just false. You cannot use ThopTV anymore now by any trick or Hack. 


    So that is it for this article guys. As I said earlier too we do not support any kind of illegal app streaming pirated content or providing free content. If you really can’t live without the content then purchase the packages of OTT platforms which are very much low and cost only about the cost of a Slipper. 

    As it’s illegal content and we should not support it.


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