[UPDATED] Get CRN Number of Kotak Bank Account 100% WORKING | 3 Methods - Master Tricks

     [WORKING] Know the CRN Number of your Kotak Bank Account

    Get CRN Number of Kotak Bank

    Guys, As you all know Kotak is one of the finest Private Banks in India. It has made banking service very much easier for its users through their mobile platform & their website. 

    They have provided the services of Internet Banking to their users by which you can do your bank tasks & works easily on a few simple clicks on your Phone. To use this service, You need your CRN Number to log in to Online Banking Services. CRN Stands for Customer Relationship Number which is generally used by every bank.

    What is a CRN Number? Why use CRN Number?

    CRN which stands for Customer Relationship Number is an identifier for each customer used by Banks to identify them. It is unique for each customer of the bank & different from other Banks. CRN Number & the Bank Account Number may not be the same, it is mostly different.

    The use of CRN Number is that it is used for online mobile banking for Kotak Bank & is required each time you log in for Online Mobile Banking or if you are logging in the first time. You can also recover your CRN Number Back if you Lost it or Forgot it.

    How to Get the CRN Number of Kotak Bank?

    So If you are looking for your CRN Number of your Kotak Bank if you do not know it then I am going to list out some 3 easy methods for you to check your CRN Number quickly!.

    Method 1: Check your CRN Number on your Debit Card

    So if you are a Kotak Bank Customer & you have your ATM Debit Card also then you may have your CRN printed on your ATM Card. As shown in the picture below:

    Image Source: Kotak

    So this CRN Number is printed on the bottom side as you can see.

    But, if you are a Kotak 811 Customer and You may have a virtual card only then you must rely on other Methods as Listed Below. 

    Method 2: Know your CRN Number by sending an SMS

    So if the previous method failed for you or you are not able to use it. Then this method will definitely help you out. You just need to send an SMS. Just follow the below steps:

    • Take your Registered Mobile Number and Open the Messaging app on that Phone

    • Now send an SMS to 9971056767 with the message CRN

    • It will take 5-10 minutes then you will get your CRN Number through SMS on your Registered Mobile Number.

    Note: SMS Must be sent through Registered Mobile Number ONLY!!!!!

    Method 3: Get the CRN Number using Kotak Online Portal

    This is one of the easiest methods to get your CRN number. Just follow the below steps:

    • Open this Link on your Browser

    • Just Enter your CIF Number or any CRN Number which you got previously

    • Enter the captcha & Press Submit

    Using this way you can get your CRN Number of Kotak Bank.

    Final Words…..

    I hope this post helped you to get your CRN Number of Kotak Bank easily. My personal favorite method is the second one as it is the easiest & instant. If this post helped you just share it with your friends & I’ll see you in the next one!

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