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    Quickly Open Savings Bank Account Online

    Online Bank Savings Account Open with Zero Balance- Hello guys, you all may be willing to open an online saving account in your desired bank such as ICICI, IDFC, HDFC, Axis Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), etc. 

    So if you need a bank account and you don't want to physically go to the bank account and open it easily from home then this post is gonna help you a lot and save your time & money. 

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    Due to the COVID, everyone wants the work to be simpler and time-saving i.e they want it online. So in this post, I am gonna tell you how you can open an online savings bank account in the below-mentioned Bank Account.

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    After opening the bank account, you will get other utilities too such as ATM Card, Cheque Book, Passbook home-delivered straight to your home.

    Documents needed for online bank account opening:

    You just need some ID Cards as mentioned below.

    • Aadhar Card

    • PAN Card

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    SBI (State Bank of India) Online Savings Account:

    SBI is one of the best & top banks in India. I have been a customer of theirs for the last 10 years and their services are top-notch. You can instantly open a Bank Account online using the official app provided by SBI which is called the SBI Yono App. 

    You will get your CIF No, Bank Account No, IFSC Code & Pass Book after opening the bank account.

    There are 3 reasons why I would recommend SBI:

    • Good Customer Service

    • Online Net Banking & UPI

    • No maintenance charges

    Paytm Payments Bank Online Account Opening:

    Paytm is India’s biggest wallet app and recently they launched the Paytm Payments Bank App too. You can do online KYC & open a bank account online using Video calls.

    They don't take any account fees or provide very good services. 

    Some reasons why I would like to recommend Payments Bank by PayTM:

    • 3.9% Interest on money in Savings Account

    • ATM/Debit Card with minimum Yearly charge

    • UPI Services available

    Paytm Payments Bank Account Opening Form

    Axis Bank Online Savings Account:

    Axis Bank is one of the best private sector banks and they also provide services efficiently and their downtime is very much minimum which I have experienced. You can open a digital bank account online using the Axis Bank Mobile App & Open your savings account.

    You will get a free passbook, Visa ATM Card, chequebook after you can open the bank account. You can use the ATM card not only for domestic transactions but also for international transactions & enjoy Net Banking & UPI Services also on which doing Transaction gives you reward points.

    You can open a zero-balance bank account and get 6% interest on your money per year.

    Axis Bank Online Bank Opening Link

    HDFC Bank Online Savings Account:

    This bank is good for professional persons such as those who are working, salaries or govt. Employees also have very good customer service.

    You need to maintain a minimum balance in this account which is Rs. 3000 otherwise you will need to suffer penalties & fines.

    They provide 4% interest to their savings account holders and top-notch internet banking services with good uptime and cashback on online purchases.

    HDFC Bank Account Online Opening Link

    Bank of Baroda Online Zero Balance Savings Account:

    Bank of Baroda is a very good bank that provides its services vary greatly and you just need an Aadhar Card which receives OTP on mobile number, submit few documents and do some formalities in order to open a bank account. 

    Though the interest on savings accounts is very low it is 2.75%. You will get all the utilities such as Cheque Book, Pass Book, ATM Card for Internet Banking you need to apply for that.

    Kotak 811 Online Savings Bank Account:

    Kotak 811 is very popular among online banking. They provide you 6% interest on the savings account and it is popularly known as Kotak Mahindra Bank. You will get all the services instantly in under 1 Week and you will get your kit to your doorstep.

    You can open a bank account online instantly and do the KYC by uploading your Aadhar & other documents.

    Kotak 811 Mahindra Bank Online Zero Balance Savings Account Opening

    Final Words:

    All the banks provide their best services and their savings account rate of interest changes. You can open a bank account online using their respective applications & websites. They also provide discounts and cashback on doing Transactions.

    You can enjoy their UPI Services & Net Banking too. If you liked this post, then be sure to share it with your friends. 

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